I am assistant professor of political science at Sciences Po Paris, CEVIPOF. In my research, I study how various political institutions affect the ability of the electorate to hold elected officials accountable and how the functioning of these institutions ultimately rests on the incentives provided by elections.


Increasing Leverage: Judicial Review as a Democracy-Enhancing Institution (with Nicholas Almendares)
Quarterly Journal of Political Science, volume 10, number 3, 2015
[Paper] [Supplemental Appendix]

Popular Referendum and Electoral Accountability (accepted at Political Science Research and Methods)
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Working papers

When to Unbundle Policy Authority (with Dimitri Landa) (submitted)
[Paper] [Appendix]

Oversight and Hierarchies (with Dimitri Landa)

Crosscutting Cleavages and Political Conflict (with Dimitri Landa and Sanford Gordon)

Work in Progress

Policy Complexity and Political Accountability (with Raymond Duch and Dimitri Landa)

Who owns the story? News-gathering competition and political Accountability (with Catherine Hafer and Dimitri Landa)